5 Million PTA Members Celebrate Washington State’s World Changers

One Voice

Look around. Our world is growing more and more diverse. Are we ready? Are our schools, cities, businesses, and government ready?

Well, I live in the great state of Washington where there are many passionate people who are serving their broader community by engaging diverse communities – CHANGING THE WORLD! I love meeting them, interviewing them, then telling the world about them through my Diverse Community Connectors blog.

Recently, the National Parent Teacher Association invited me to write a blog focusing on diversity and inclusion. Of course, I highlighted some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest. Would you please take a moment to celebrate them again?

Check out the National PTA One Voice Blog.




Library System Serves Diverse Community

 jo2 Jesus said, “The one who leads should be the one who serves.”

Today, you will meet two Pacific Northwest Leaders – The King County Library System (KCLS), an organization where Diversity Engagement IS a priority and, Jo Anderson Cavinta, KCLS’ dynamic Diversity Coordinator.

Their dedication, commitment and action on behalf of their diverse community will not only impress you, but impress upon you it is best to accomplish your life’s passion by serving your Beloved. Both KCLS and Jo are service-focused.