Announcing… City of Bellevue Diversity Initiative

Camron Parker and Kevin Henry, members of Bellevue's  Cross-Departmental Diversity Team

Camron Parker and Kevin Henry, members of Bellevue’s Cross-Departmental Diversity Team

Today’s cities are faced with a landscape never seen before.

  •  A new, post-Great Recession economic reality
  • Technology that is changing at a furious pace
  • The most diverse population in our history
  • A major generational power shift
  • A political climate that is polarized and gridlocked

It’s a time of opportunity for municipal leaders who can act strategically, with vision and boldness. – National League of Cities

Bellevue City Government is comprised of sage leaders. The City Council’s 2014 vision statement says it all.

“Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength.”