Love Is The Secret of Successful Community Engagement

Ay Saechao

“Love is friendship caught fire,” according to Laura Hendricks.

Ay Saechao agrees. He is a leader in the Southeast Asian Community whose personal philosophy, background, and leadership style reflect his feelings toward the community he serves – FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE! This is why he is so successful at Diverse-Community Engagement.

Love is the secret of Ay’s success. His story is a powerful reminder of how successful we all can be when we allow our passion for those we serve to fuel the way we serve.

Thousands Now Can Navigate Their Children’s School Who Never Thought They Could



Have you ever been so impressed by the phenomenal work someone was doing that you had to ask about it? And when you did, the answer you got was, “It’s God!”

Margarita Leas and Marisol Visser are the Co-Founders of Issaquah’s first Hispanic Community Magazine, VOZ DE LA COMUNIDAD. Their amazing journeys from Colombia and Mexico to Issaquah, from speaking no English to translating for their children’s schools, from having a service-inspired idea to creating a publication that will be distributed to families in all of Issaquah’s Primary and Secondary schools, will give you energy to keep charging ahead in your own life work!

Collaborate For A Cause You Can Be Proud Of

Do you know Linda? If your passion is about positively impacting the world by helping children and their families live better, you should.

Linda PauleyMeet Linda Pauley. She is a highly action-oriented U.S. Department of Education Leader whose critical work is focused on building the capacity of every Washington family to support their children’s education and improve their lives, their schools, the community, our state and the world.

I know you’ll want to support her by collaborating on another avenue to improve student achievement that she is leading, or by referring the right members of your network to participate. Either way, please don’t miss this amazing opportunity!